During Covid 19 many things changed and some for the better. I had a lot of time to pray and meditate. I liked that quiet time.


But Covid 19 took away some things we sadly won’t get back. And so I have been forced to make a happy decision, but one made sooner than I had anticipated.  I am closing the brick and mortar office. I thought I had more time until “retirement.”  But my lease expires and my landlord was forced to make difficult decisions as well. Many of you know I am a chiropractor raised by a chiropractor. In fact you might say it is all I’ve ever known. So this uncertainty is uncomfortable to say the least.


Who could have known that the last time I saw you in the office might well be the last time? And how would it have gone? I guess that could be true of every encounter. Part of me feels like we should live our lives that way and part of me feels like the weight of that would be crushing.


I’ll give you all the details in a separate email.


But had I known, I might very well have given you a hug and wished you well on your healthcare and life journey. So allow me to do that in a letter, though I realize it’s a poor substitute. I do wish all good things for yourself and your family.


I will support you in making healthcare decisions moving forward and will include all that in a future email. Thank you for allowing me to be your partner in health and life.

From my heart,




Thank you so much for your confidence in me these past years. It has been an honor to take care of you. Due to my forced retirement I am giving you some great options of practitioners to take care of you.





Dr. Alexander is the most experienced NAET practitioner in GA. He is a great Chiropractor and a dedicated and caring man. He is my NAET practitioner and Chiropractor. He is an excellent muscle tester and intuitive and gifted.





Dr. McIntyre is my Naturopath. She is one of the best in the southeast. But she recently chose to semi-retire. I am not sure what that means to us her patients. She has a great online store and can do phone visits and recommendations.





Dr. Dill is now one of the most experienced NAET practitioners in GA. While I have not seen him as a patient myself, we have shared patients and he is excellent. I have referred patients that were closer to him and they got very good results.




My email is still docrobbins@naturallybalanced.com


My personal FB page is Andrea K Robbins


I have a recent page for my online course

From People Pleaser to Superhero. How to Say No to People Pleasing and Still Feel Like a Good Person


Some of you women were the inspiration for the material in this course.


I hope we can stay connected.   



All the best,



Heading 5
What Our Clients Have To Say...

"It has been quite a while since you’ve heard from me; although I think about you every day. I can never express the gratitude I feel for your freeing me from allergies. It has been about six years now and I’m still breathing freely, THANKS TO YOU! Colette and I are both living a fuller life because of your treatments and I wanted to take another opportunity to thank you.” MT

“It is hard for me to believe the pain I was in a year ago. I will never forget the night I left your office in tears. I went from hardly being able to walk to doing aerobics 5 times a week.” JH