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with Cheryl Simmons, FNP-C

Male, female, young, or old -                         deserves restful sleep, sustained energy, and the ability to thrive in all of life's circumstances...

Meet Cheryl

Certified Nurse Practitioner


Cheryl was born and raised in Queen Creek, Arizona. She graduated from Arizona State University in 2004 with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing. After practicing at Mayo Clinic Hospital for two years and working in Home Health, she went back to pursue a Masters of Science in Nursing, graduating in 2009.


Since 2009, Cheryl has been working in a family practice where her love for the endocrine system continued to grow. Her focus with Naturally Balanced is to look at the whole person by balancing hormones, adrenals, and thyroid while focusing on gut health, stress reduction, and a healthy lifestyle. 

"Early in my practice, I saw a void in traditional medicine as patients would come to me with ongoing complaints after costly testing and no answers. Our fast pace world has many external stressors and influences. Hormone dysfunction and adrenal dysregulation affects all ages. Proper tools are needed to maintain your body's optimal daily function, whether working with a male with low testosterone, a symptomatic menopausal women, or a teenager with high stress or irregular cycles. The goal is LIVING instead of surviving! It is a joy to watch a person's life be transformed with the right education and resources. I would love to partner with you on your journey to wellness!"

- Cheryl Simmons, FNP-C



Balanced Services




Menopause / perimenopause
Premenopausal hormone imbalance
Testosterone replacement
(men / women)




Adrenal fatigue
Sleep support
Healthy lifestyle / stress reduction
Mood / coping support 
Concentration / energy



Subclinical Hypothyroidism
Natural / supplement support



Food sensitivity / allergy testing 
Leaky gut testing / treatment
Bowel regulation 
Nutrition counseling

Weight Loss and Management

Diet education 
Pharmaceutical management
Vitamin / micronutrient testing
Counseling / nutrition referral sources

Testing & Treatment

Lab testing through insurance: Sonora Quest and Lab Corp
Lab testing cash pay: Vibrant Labs ($199 for full panel)
Saliva testing for adrenals/hormones: ZRT Labs ($130)
Micronutrient testing: Vibrant Labs (prices vary)
Food sensitivity/allergy testing: Cell Science ALCAT and Vibrant Labs (prices vary)
Stool testing: Doctors Data (prices vary)
Hair analysis: Doctors Data (prices vary)
Additional testing available
Individualized testing 
Compounding (preferred) and synthetic (in select cases) hormone replacement therapy (topical, troche, oral, and injectable options)
Supplement recommendation
Lifestyle modification education
Communication between follow-up appointments (email, portal, and phone)
You can expect quality, compassionate, and thorough care.
Naturally Balanced is committed to creating an affordable, yet effective treatment plan for all patients.

The essence of                  is inner balance.




***Appointments for Cheryl on Tuesdays and Thursdays are via TELEMEDICINE and Friday appointments are IN-OFFICE.

***Appointments for Tiffanie on Mondays are via TELEMEDICINE and Wednesday appointments are IN-OFFICE.

Please Note: Insurance is NOT accepted. A superbill will be printed upon request. Payment is due at the time of service.

New Patient

*If this is your first visit, select here.


40 minutes


Hormone Consultation/ Lab Follow-Up
*For established patients only

30 minutes


*For established patients only

20 minutes



The key to optimal physical, emotional, and mental balance includes supporting your body with the right supplements.


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