At Naturally Balanced we use neuroscience and physics to connect brain and body.
We specialize in treating patients with symptoms of sensitivities and emotional imbalance. 

"All my life I’ve suffered from runny nose and congestion due to allergies to pollen, grasses, and trees. If anyone in my neighborhood mowed their grass, I was forced indoors. After NAET, I can even mow my own lawn.” JMV 

If you suffer from Sensitivities ~ Anxiety ~ Arthritis ~ Asthma ~ Back Pain ~ Depression ~ Eczema ~ Exhaustion ~ Fibromyalgia ~ Food Cravings ~ Forgetfulness ~ Frequent Colds ~ Hayfever ~ Headaches ~ Hot Flashes ~ Insomnia ~ Irritable Bowel ~ Mood Swings ~ Nervous Stomach ~ PMS ~ Sciatica ... WE CAN HELP!
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Our Staff

Andrea K Robbins DC ND
I am a doctor, author and teacher. In whatever role, I transform your energy to bring it back into harmony.

Lindsey Nolan, NCTMB

I have been a therapist for 17 years and practice alternative medicines. I work with your body's intuition to help bring balance to your mental and physical self. 

Jonelle Vance Office Mgr
I've worked with Dr. Robbins (we're sisters) for 16 years since our dad (also a Chiropractor) passed away. He would be proud of us.